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Liam asked 4 months ago

Ive passed my topographical on june 4th. TFL have had all my required documents since May, last week i received an email saying that they have changed the way they can review dvla record and they needed my declaration… I sent this last week. Its now 5 months since i passed the topographical. I wondered if anyone has any information regarding the waiting time for my license.
Every time i call them they say 4-6 weeks they have been saying that for 3 months.

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Joel BuckleyJoel Buckley answered 4 months ago

Hi. The wait time from passing the topo test is from 2-4 months. Be patient.

adminadmin Staff answered 4 months ago

İts usually the crb check that takes the longest, I’m sure you can track the process online 🙂

Morgan PottsMorgan Potts answered 4 months ago

They have tons and tons of applications and less staffs dealing with it and can charge us extra for yearly fee and licence fee but can’t recruit staffs to quick the application process. Good luck.