Smart motorways cameras locations 

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Ariel asked 3 months ago

This information is for people living in the UK
M1 J6 – J10
M1 J10 – J13
M1 J25 – J28
M1 J28 – J31
M1 J39 – J42
M25 J7 – J10
M25 J10 – J16
M25 J10 – J23
M6 J4 – J5
M6 J5 – J8
M6 J8 – J10a
M6 J10a -J13
M42 J7 – J9
For those who travel up m down motorway be careful n more importantly be safe
*M1 : Speeding Cameras*

Just to let you know that on Monday morning, they are switching the speeding cameras on 24/7 and if you go above 70mph when going by on M1 you will definitely get a speeding ticket, that’s the full stretch of the M1 all day every day and even when the signs of speed limits are not on.
Good luck all!

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Glyn HamiltonGlyn Hamilton answered 3 months ago

Been there monday morning no flashes!

Jameson12Jameson12 answered 3 months ago

Not only.. today I see where the speed limit can change .. instead of 70 was 60 .. few cars in front of me took the picture.