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Bennett asked 3 months ago

Have uber changed thieir airport waiting rules? I went Heathrow terminal 2 yesterday to drop customer and while I was there I got a pick up from there which was like wooow …….today morning I have a job at terminal 5 went there and again another job on pick up again straight away without waiting…. anyone else experience this? I see 200+ waiting so how is it possible to get that job while 200+ waiting…

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Glyn HamiltonGlyn Hamilton answered 3 months ago

Thats way i don’t white on the airport any more

Martin215Martin215 answered 3 months ago

air port pick up 20 percent cheaper than drop off .that’s why I don’t wait airport. when I out from airport use a 4 . gat job after few minutes.

DavidLodgeDavidLodge answered 3 months ago

I wonder the same thing. 120+ drivers all thetime.