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Harry asked 3 months ago

The amount of riders I pick up tell me how many drivers call them to ask where they are going and cancel on them. So you accept the job then call them.
I wonder if it’s all the drivers that have low ratings and complain they don’t earn.
What’s the point?
If at the end of your miles from home press your home destination get jobs home.

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A.WilsonA.Wilson answered 3 months ago

look I have NEVER called a rider to ask where they are going BUT i get why drivers do it. For example I took a job in the west end today around 6 pickup was 1 mile away at 8 minutes and then dropoff was 1.3 miles. It took 28 minutes in the shit traffic. This was peak time. it was 1.5 and still it didnt clear 10 quid. Thats why drivers do it and I really cant blame them. I just cant be arsed calling. Its UBERS fault because they dont reward drivers to sit in traffic during busy time.

Jameson12Jameson12 answered 3 months ago

I understand why some drivers do that. I work around southeast London and avoid central like the plague because we’re not paid well enough per minute or mile to work there. If we could see the riders’ destination (like with other cab firms) then drivers wouldn’t have to do this.

Stewart BannisterStewart Bannister answered 3 months ago

Most will do it when going home as the app won’t allow you to set destination at the time want to go. 
Last thing you wanna do is drive 50 miles away from home when u wanna finish