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Harvey79 asked 4 months ago

Does anyone here do Uber exec? Is it a better rate? I have a 2015 Mercedes E Class. Are Uber onboarding exec now?

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Glyn HamiltonGlyn Hamilton answered 3 months ago

Minimum 1000 trips. Ratings above 4.85 but it seems they are only inviting drivers whohave done 10k plus trips.

Leslie UberLeslie Uber answered 3 months ago

You need high rate (with 4.96 and still waiting) and huge amount of trips (guys with 15k trips still waiting). Forget about it or do some charity with them and you jump the que.

MarkAvisonMarkAvison answered 3 months ago

Last time i was in greenhub i heard uber worker telling driver they will only invite drivers over 4.97 with 10000 trips – dont know if this is true or not

Stewart BannisterStewart Bannister answered 3 months ago

Half of uber drivers are waiting to go onto exec.

Jameson12Jameson12 answered 3 months ago

Uber Exec is only if Uber Invite you to it. You can’t just buy a Mercedes and on board into Uber Exec. Otherwise many drivers would do that.