DRIVER’S radius: distance, minutes, rating. So basically I don’t accept less than 4 stars rating, 2.5 miles distance or 10 minutes drive whichever comes first. Like a radius!

pickup distance not longer than 1m

Pick up point should be Under 2 miles and when long journey send by miles not in minutes means by rush hour time, increase rate in central before surcharge


Drivers should not be deactivated on customer complaints without been given chance to give their point of view and drivers dont have to waste time to go to glh to get activated unless its very serious.

Uber should not deactivate us on any complain from passanger until they speak to us. When someone make a false complain we loss one or 2 days work… everytime we want to start work we are not sure app will be active or no.. Uber has to speak to us without a msg or email they should call us and speak to us of any accident or complain before they close our account.